Our Projects

Enhance for a Chance

Enhance for a Chance is a periodic effort we undergo as an organization to provide essential medication to those in need in Sri Lanka.

The program started in 2015 with our Aussie Threads fashion show event, which raised about $32,000 that primarily went to pediatric patients of the Maharagama Cancer Hospital.

In 2022, we continued this program via a GoFundMe campaign that similarly raised $30,000. This money went to cancer patients at Apeksha Hospital to address the need for filgen, which helps to boost patients’ immune systems after undergoing chemotherapy. This drug, which helps the patient have a fighting chance for positive outcomes and survival, is currently in short supply due to current events at the time. After this initial need was addressed, we were able to provide additional medications according to the hospitals need at the time.

Both of these events could not have been possible without the support of our donors. Thank you all so much for your generosity!

The Big Picture

“The Big Picture” is about showing that every little act is important and that people-no matter how old they are or what obstacles they have to overcome - can make a difference. This concept can be applied to people of all ages and helps to promote the mental wellbeing of a sick person. Simultaneously, this project helps to promote volunteerism as people can get involved in numerous ways regardless of their skills. The idea is to get a sick person who is coming to a clinic or is in a hospital involved in decorating the clinic/ward in order to give them a sense of ownership.

Together, we work with the patients to produce paintings where anything is possible (pink grass, orange skies, purple fences)! After everyone has contributed, I put some finishing touches and frame and donate the picture to the clinic/ hospital so the patients can see their work daily.

All paintings developed by this project are copyrighted to the Big Picture Project and are not the property of the patients or the volunteer artists. All original paintings will be donated and cannot be resold. All funds from sales of prints will be used 100% to cover costs of The Big Picture project or for a donation to another cause which will be clearly stated at the time of the sale.