Revive to Survive

Our Mission

  • Promote participation of youth in volunteerism.

  • Raise awareness of the difficulties faced by families due to poverty and chronic illnesses.

  • Fundraise through projects aimed at providing medicines, medical supplies /equipment and other necessities.

  • Promote patient mental and physical welfare with emphasis on hospice.

  • Facilitate education and exchange of knowledge.

  • Fundraise for humanitarian causes and natural disasters.

Learn how you can get involved and make a difference!

Enhance for a Chance Fundraiser

There’s a million different ways to use your money right now, but we’re asking you to help us provide critical medication to cancer patients in Sri Lanka. This call is to raise funds to provide patients with a lifesaving drug known as filgen, which helps to boost patients’ immune systems after undergoing chemotherapy. This drug, which helps the patient have a fighting chance for positive outcomes and survival, is currently in short supply due to the current events. In response to an urgent call from the oncologists in Sri Lanka for funds to keep pace, two of our supporters Dr. Preethi & Gemunu Gunaratne have agreed to match the amount we raise through this fundraiser by up to $10,000!

Please help us help them by contributing to our goal of providing 1,500 treatments ($30,000 at $20/treatment) in this time of critical need.