Volunteer Artist - "The Big Picture" Project

Avin deSilva

Avin deSilva is a sophomore attending Clear Brook High School, and has a passion for all things relating to technology. He is a novice at computer programmer and enjoys sketching and playing the cello in his spare time. He is also interested in science and biotechnology as well.

Avin is a student of Betsy Miller's "Colors of the Heart" art studio and have experience with mostly pastels and some acrylic paints. He can still recall doodling on every piece paper in elementary school, and enjoying being able to make his thoughts take shape with just paper and a pencil. Ms. Betsy's art studio allowed him to become not only a better artist, but a better person by teaching the values of creativity. Even though his passions nowadays gear toward factual information, he still values the freedom that art brings him.