SCARE Halloween Bash

posted Apr 18, 2016, 9:00 PM by Sujeeva Gunawardena   [ updated Sep 24, 2017, 9:59 PM ]

This year we are focusing on giving back to communities in the greater Houston area. While there are world class hospitals providing cancer care in Houston, there are many children unable to receive this care due to financial difficulties. Revive to Survive has decided to host a fundraiser this year to provide essential medications and provide support for deserving patients in the greater Houston area. Revive to Survive has partnered with Childhood Cancer Connection Inc., which is affiliated with UTMB to distribute these funds. This is our way of saying thank you to the community that has supported our cause wholeheartedly for the last several years.

Project Finances

Income Notes Amount
Title Sponsorship Bank of Texas $4,000.00
Gold Sponsorships Niroshan Ihalamullage $1,000.00
Walter P. Moore $1,000.00
Gold Sponsorships Russel & Sharon Hall $500.00
Banner Sponsorships Hemaka Mendis $500.00
RDT Construction Inc. $500.00
SansuTech $500.00
Sendero $500.00
Regular Tickets 84 x $50 $4,200.00
Silent Auction $525.00
Donations Checks, Cash, PayPal $4,134.92
Donation from Jason Chetcutti 10% of Sales $106.46
Total Income $16,966.38
Expenses Notes Amount
Bal Harbour Mansion Rental $890.00
One Stop Tents (Tables, chairs, Tents) Rental $822.80
Food, Services, Decoration $3400.57
Total Expenses $5,113.37
Profit $11,853.01

Bal Harbour Windemere Mansion

Sponsorship Invitation

Click here to view the Sponsorship Invitation.

Title Sponsors


Gold Sponsors


  • Niroshan Ihalamullage (Well Wisher Sponsor)

Banner Sponsors


  • Hemaka Mendis (Well Wisher Sponsor)


Silent Auction Items

  • "Dog in the Garden" (15x20 handcrafted latch and hook item) - courtesy of Marcia Wickramasinghe
  • "Sri Lanka Leopard" (16x20 Canvas Poster) - courtesy of Sarath Wanigasekera
  • Fall Wreath by Pamela Agnes
  • Jewelry set donated by Premium Design
  • Doggy Christmas Basket - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Two gift certificates by Tires by Design
  • Pyrex Glass Storage - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Beer Basket - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Flower Tower for your garden - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Kitchen Basket - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Christmas Basket - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Halloween Wreath - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Spa Basket - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Halloween Mood Booster - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson