Mrs. Sugarland 2015

Jimaniece Ware Berry

Jimaniece Ware Berry holds many titles: wife, mother, pharmaceutical sales representative and many more. But it’s her most recent title of Mrs. Sugarland that allows her to practice her passion of advocating for breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer is significant to Jimaniece, due to her family history and personal experience of undergoing a bilateral mastectomy at the young age of 28.

Although her maternal aunt had already battled with breast cancer on two different occasions, it was her mother’s discovery of being a carrier of the BRCA gene that led her to have her first mammogram. Her results returned abnormal and her physician advised immediate action due to her high risk.

This horrific experience motivated Jimaniece to spread the word about the dangers of breast cancer and how to prevent it.

Through her platform as the reigning Mrs. Sugarland she is able to continuously advocate for breast cancer and commit to community service, with a purpose to help those who are less fortunate. Her plan is to educate them on the resources available for early prevention or treatment of breast cancer.

Most recently, she has been working with Ms. America 2013, while promoting her platform at various events. She has had the privilege to support and volunteer for the following organizations and events:

  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
  • Staying Abreast of Your Health Walk
  • Mommy's Blog Breast Cancer Awareness Event
  • The Rose
  • National Women of Achievement- Houston Chapter
  • American Heart Association
  • Sister's Network
  • Girls Health Ed.

Jimaniece has recently founded a Charity Organization "Pink Project," through which she plans to raise money for local breast cancer and other non-profit organizations that focus on uplifting and success of the women of the community and their families.

She also works with students who attend the same high school she graduated from when she was 16. She created the "Think Pink for Success Scholarship”, which awards two selected seniors whose mother is or has battled breast cancer.

Outside of being a pageant queen, wife and mother, Jimaniece is a career woman with a profession in pharmaceutical sales. She is also pursuing her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Houston, which is where she completed her undergraduate studies.

Jimaniece is a Houston native and currently lives in her hometown with her husband Vernon and three year old son Chauncey Jacory. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and traveling.

Jimaniece Ware Berry
Mrs. Sugarland 2015
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Title: Mrs. Sugarland Pageant System: Texas America (Premlinary to Mrs. America)
Director: Tracy Crist