SCARE Halloween Bash

posted Apr 18, 2016, 9:00 PM by Sujeeva Gunawardena   [ updated Sep 24, 2017, 9:59 PM ]

This year we are focusing on giving back to communities in the greater Houston area. While there are world class hospitals providing cancer care in Houston, there are many children unable to receive this care due to financial difficulties. Revive to Survive has decided to host a fundraiser this year to provide essential medications and provide support for deserving patients in the greater Houston area. Revive to Survive has partnered with Childhood Cancer Connection Inc., which is affiliated with UTMB to distribute these funds. This is our way of saying thank you to the community that has supported our cause wholeheartedly for the last several years.

Project Finances

Income Notes Amount
Title Sponsorship Bank of Texas $4,000.00
Gold Sponsorships Niroshan Ihalamullage $1,000.00
Walter P. Moore $1,000.00
Gold Sponsorships Russel & Sharon Hall $500.00
Banner Sponsorships Hemaka Mendis $500.00
RDT Construction Inc. $500.00
SansuTech $500.00
Sendero $500.00
Regular Tickets 84 x $50 $4,200.00
Silent Auction $525.00
Donations Checks, Cash, PayPal $4,134.92
Donation from Jason Chetcutti 10% of Sales $106.46
Total Income $16,966.38
Expenses Notes Amount
Bal Harbour Mansion Rental $890.00
One Stop Tents (Tables, chairs, Tents) Rental $822.80
Food, Services, Decoration $3400.57
Total Expenses $5,113.37
Profit $11,853.01

Bal Harbour Windemere Mansion

Sponsorship Invitation

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Title Sponsors


Gold Sponsors


  • Niroshan Ihalamullage (Well Wisher Sponsor)

Banner Sponsors


  • Hemaka Mendis (Well Wisher Sponsor)


Silent Auction Items

  • "Dog in the Garden" (15x20 handcrafted latch and hook item) - courtesy of Marcia Wickramasinghe
  • "Sri Lanka Leopard" (16x20 Canvas Poster) - courtesy of Sarath Wanigasekera
  • Fall Wreath by Pamela Agnes
  • Jewelry set donated by Premium Design
  • Doggy Christmas Basket - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Two gift certificates by Tires by Design
  • Pyrex Glass Storage - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Beer Basket - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Flower Tower for your garden - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Kitchen Basket - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Christmas Basket - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Halloween Wreath - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Spa Basket - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson
  • Halloween Mood Booster - courtesy of Joyce Ferguson

The Raise Your Voice Event

posted Apr 16, 2016, 10:37 PM by Sujeeva Gunawardena   [ updated Apr 21, 2016, 10:10 PM ]

A note from Anuki Wijeratne (Project Director)

Our event encompassed the three aspects of world wide issues related to pediatric cancer: health, education, and food. We raised awareness of the severity of these three issues and encouraged citizens to get outside of their bubbles and take action to help those in need. Our event portrayed these needs through three speeches explaining why action needed to be taken and to persuade those who attended the event to help out. They did this by donating food items and donating funds for better health care and education for the children.

Revive to Survive helped us by sponsoring our event and spreading our message by distributing the $420 dollars that was raised at the event to pediatric cancer patients to provide adequate health care for those who cannot afford it. Thanks to Revive to Survive and the three advocates, Jasmine McClam, Daniyal Khawaja, and myself, we were able to raise awareness of the need to take action and help those who need it the most.


At the Rotary All Club Dinner

posted Apr 16, 2016, 9:47 PM by Sujeeva Gunawardena   [ updated Apr 16, 2016, 10:02 PM ]

On January 12th, 2016, Revive to Survive presented a table at the 2016 Rotary All Club Dinner, featuring the Rotary International President, K.R. Ravindran, at the Downtown Crowne Plaza Hotel. Houston Skyline Rotary Club graciously asked us to present our organization to the numerous other rotary clubs from the Greater Houston Area.

The four members who attended the event were Secretary Romani Perera, Treasurer Radhini Abeysekera, and two wonderful and hardworking volunteers Gayani Silva and Russell Bell. We were granted one of the best table positions right at the entrance of the hall. We were able to speak with many wonderful Rotarians and establish contacts with people who might be willing to help us in the future. We were also able to walk around and learn more about projects with which other Rotarians were involved. We presented Revive to Survive to anybody who walked by our table and showed interest in our projects. We displayed colorful paintings from our Big Picture and Rainbow Connection projects that caught many people's eyes. We also displayed a trifold with information about Revive to Survive from its founding up until today. We also handed out business cards, brochures, and chocolate to anybody who was interested. Overall, the event was a huge success in many ways that we did not imagine. We were able to sell many of the calendars and paintings from the Rainbow Connection project and we also handed out over 20 brochures and business cards. We received contact information and business cards in return as well.

Around 6:30 pm, President Ravindran walked in to the event. Every table was trying for his attention. Revive to Survive was lucky enough to have spoken to both the President and his wife at the event. Revive to Survive is extremely grateful for having gotten this opportunity to showcase our organization to many wonderful, caring people. We are confident that we have made great contacts and friends for Revive to Survive's future endeavors.

Aussie Threads, an Evening of Fashion

posted Apr 1, 2015, 9:38 PM by Sujeeva Gunawardena   [ updated Sep 24, 2017, 10:47 PM ]

Revive to Survive held its second major fundraiser, “Aussie Threads,” at the Crown Plaza Houston on June 13th, 1015. The highly unique and ambitious event turned out to be a huge success. Dr. Renu Khator, president of the University of Houston, was present at the event and delivered an inspirational speech as our chief guest. The audience was treated to seeing our beautiful models draped in the various fashions and designs of both Australian designer Jason Chetcuti, as well as local Houston designer LaTarsha Williams. Our co-emcees, Corbett Parker and Rachel White, really kept the energy up throughout the night, and Corbett ensured that our live auction was a huge success. The silent auction also proved to be a hit, with many of the items placed for bidding being sold. We were able to raise awareness about our project “Enhance for a Chance,” which aimed to sign up 200 donors to donate $10 a month to enable us to provide lifesaving medications to pediatric cancer patients at the National Cancer Institute, Maharagama, Sri Lanka.

Thanks to all the donors, sponsors, and people who attended and helped make this event possible, Revive to Survive was able to raise a total of $32,000! This would have not been possible without all the support we received from both our community the generous hearts that have recently learned of our cause. We thank everyone for their generosity towards the pediatric patients of the Maharagama Cancer Hospital, and we hope that you enjoyed our event and will join us to help these children for many years to come.

Project Finances

Income Notes Amount
Platinum Sponsorship Dr. Upali Weerasooriya Foundation $5,000.00
Silver Sponsorships Walter P. Moore $1,000.00
Verizon (through Pearup/Facebook) $1,000.00
Gold Sponsorships Russel & Sharon Hall $500.00
Thusitha Wickramarachchi $500.00
Banner Sponsorship UniWorld Teas $250.00
Silent Auction $4,845.00
Souvenir $825.00
Regular Tickets Sold 187 x $50 $9,350.00
Premium Seating 3 x $1000 (30 tickets) $3,000.00
Donations Checks, Cash, PayPal $8,065
Donation from Jason Chetcutti 10% of Sales $258.96
Donations to "Enhance For a Chance" As of 07/15/2015 $8,200
Total Income $42,793.96
Expenses Notes Amount
Crowne Plaza Hotel Food & Services for 200 $6,282.10
Catwalk, Truss, Lighting, Backdrop Rental, Material, Gasoline (Transportation) $2,773.98
Carnet Fees For Jason's Designer Clothes $372.06
Videography $500.00
Photography Red Carpet Photographs $189.62
PayPal Charges $156.84
Tips to Hotel Staff $200.00
Gifts/Awards Chief Guest, Platinum Sponsor, and Designers $162.15
Total Expenses $10,636.75
Profit $32,157.21

Aussie Threads Poster

The dearth of the immune boosting drug, Neupogen (Filgrastim), at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Sri Lanka is a serious issue that affects countless underprivileged patients. Due to this persistent need, Revive to Survive decided to embark on an ambitious project, “Enhance for a Chance”, with the goal of providing the entire need of Neupogen (Filgrastim) for the financially destitute cancer patients in the pediatric ward at NCI. This will require a financial commitment of $2,000 per month, a daunting but reachable goal. To kickoff this project, we are embarking on a unique fundraising event, “Aussie Threads”, a dazzling fashion show with cocktails on Saturday, the 13th of June, 2015.

Dr. Renu Khator, the President and Chancellor of the University of Houston, will be the guest of honor. The Renowned Australian designer, Jason Chetcuti, has graciously volunteered to showcase his designer collection at no cost to the RtoS. He was truly humbled and impressed by the work done by RtoS and insisted to help the cause by donating his time and services. Jason is a talented designer who designed the dress for the Miss Australia at the Miss Universe pageant in 2012. He has showcased his collection at various Australian fashion shows and is one of the top designers in Australia. The show will also feature an upcoming Houston designer, Tarsha Williams, who will showcase her DelMoniCole Clothing line at no cost to Revive to Survive.

Crowne Plaza Houston-Downtown

Silent Auction Items

Enhance for a Chance

Project "Enhance for a Chance" will kick off during the "Aussie Threads" fashion show. 
Click here for more information or to sign up as a donor for this project.

Sponsorship Invitation

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Chief Guest

                   Dr. Renu Khator
Chancellor of University of Houston System
    President of the University of Houston

Platinum Sponsors


Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors


Bronze Sponsors

  • Russell & Sharon Hall (Well Wisher Sponsor)
  • Thusitha Wickramarachchi (Well Wisher Sponsor)


                    Corbett Parker
                   City Councilman


                    Rachel White
        Miss Texas World 2015

Jewelry Designer

                    Kamal Jerath
                Kamal's Kreations

Makeup & Gift Bags

                    Debra Holzbach

Revive to Survive Dinner Dance - August 10, 2013

posted May 6, 2013, 9:59 PM by Sujeeva Gunawardena   [ updated Sep 14, 2017, 10:55 AM ]

“Revive to Survive” held its first major fundraiser on August 10, 2013 at the Houston City Club. Our Dinner Dance was a huge success, with many people joining us that night to come support our cause. Mayor of Houston Annise Parker joined us that evening as our Chief Guest, and shared her jubilation and thoughts about our cause. The people in attendance were further informed about the goals and progress of “Revive to Survive,” and were later on treated to dinner and live music. The Silent Auction was also a huge hit, seeing off many of the items we had placed for bidding. Altogether, the evening was a huge success, and a big step for our organization, as we were able to raise 30,000 in profits for the children at the National Cancer Care Institute. 

While this was a monumental achievement for us, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without all the help and support we received from everyone involved in our project. We would like to thank all our sponsors and donors, as well as all the people who helped and participated with our event. We appreciate everything you have done for us to make our event a reality, and the children being benefitted will appreciate your help even more. So once again, thank you all for your support, and we hope you will join us again in the future to help the children in need.

Project Finances

Income Notes Amount
Title Sponsorship Bank of Texas $3,020.00
Silver Sponsorships Alpec Engineering $500.00
GC Engineering $500.00
SansuTech $500.00
Walter P Moore $500.00
Banner Sponsorships Electronic Parts Outlet (EPO) $250.00
UniWorld Teas $250.00
Silent Auction SriLankan Airlines - Return Ticket to SL $1,200.00
Turkish Airlines - Return Ticket to SL $1,100.00
Other Silent Auction Items $4,475.00
Souvenir $700.00
Sponsorship for Video $200.00
Tickets Sold 159 x $60 $9,540
Table Sponsorships 7 x $1000 $7,000.00
Donations Checks, Cash, PayPal $9,638.00
Bake Sale Held at Electronic Parts Outlet (EPO) $151.00
Total Income $39,524.00
Expenses Notes Amount
Houston City Club (208 people) Tickets Sold 159, Invitees & Sponsors 49 $6,414,92
Stage Rental, Materials, Diesel (Transportation) $287.71
Sounds Engineer, Equipment Rental $900.00
Videography $500.00
Bass Guitarist $100.00
Paypal Charges $107.69
Tips to HCC Servers $200.00
Dessert Cakes $100.00
Mayor's Award $33.00
Total Expenses $8,643.32
Profit $30,880.68

Event Details

The event was a great success. 


For tickets please contact:

Houston: Deshika 281-481-2430
Dhammika 713-283-8131
Shiro 281-727-9750
Sugi 832-467-3565
Austin: Jay 512-410-0059
Dallas: Indrani 972-727-6772

Silent Auction Items


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Sponsorship Packet

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Chief Guest

     City of Houston

Title Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors


Table Sponsor

  • Anonymous Donor
  • Dr. Bandula Wijay: Honorary Consul General of Sri Lanka - Texas
  • Gemunu & Preethi Gunaratne
  • Niroshan Ihalamullage
  • George Willy
  • Rotary Club of Houston Skyline
  • Upendra & Preethi Wickrama Singhe


        Sonia Azad
   KTRK-TV (abc13)

Garage Sale by YSLAAH

posted Sep 26, 2012, 3:02 PM by ReviveToSurvive Admin   [ updated Sep 26, 2013, 9:27 PM by Sujeeva Gunawardena ]

YSLAAH, the Youth group of the Sri Lankan American Association of Houston, organized a garage sale in September, 2012 to raise funds for this project. After numerous hours of organizing and hard work, they pulled off a very successful fundraiser. They also raffled a bicycle as another addition to this event.

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