Radhini Abeysekera and Ruvinda Gunawardena are the founders of Revive to Survive, a nonprofit organization formed to promote youth in volunteerism and raise awareness of the difficulties faced by families due to poverty and chronic illnesses. Its fundraising efforts are geared toward projects such as providing medication, medical supplies /equipment, and meals to families dealing with ill family members.

Radhini and Ruvinda were both amazing students and leaders at Clear Brook High School. They have consistently set high standards of achievement for themselves in everything they are involved in. Their leadership in academic and extracurricular activities has helped to shape them into the motivated and service oriented people they are today. With the help of their family and community, they can and will make a difference around the world in their humanitarian fight to treating chronic illness. Revive to Survive comes from their love of medicine and charity to others. This organization is one they created and it will grow with them as they learn and become doctors.

It is my pleasure to have been their principal and to see the wonderful things they are doing for our global community. I implore everyone to get involved with Revive to Survive and Radhini and Ruvinda change the world.
Michele Staley
Principal, Clear Brook High School 

The “Revive to Survive” organization is a wonderful example of young people making a positive difference in the world.  Their philanthropic work for pediatric cancer patients in Sri Lanka honors their heritage by providing medicine to sick children and giving them a chance to live and grow.  The teenagers who are working hard to make such a positive difference to many people they will never meet are great role models.  Their leadership and giving spirit should be encouraged and supported by all.
Trish Hanks
Superintendent, Friendswood ISD